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Posted by on May 14, 2019 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

You Must Know The Exact Location Criteria For Property Investment

You Must Know The Exact Location Criteria For Property Investment

Today, many people become investors. One of the best investments that can be purchased is property investment. There are many instrument properties that you can choose. You only need to determine which instrument you need. Property investment is one of the investments chosen by many people. You can choose Avenue South condo showflat as one of the best properties.

Before deciding to invest in property, there are a number of things you must pay attention to. You must determine the location of the property. these are some of the exact location criteria of the property.

1. Close to Industrial or Factory Areas
Although this location is not as elite as the office area, there are other things that can make the value of an investment in the area high, namely that the population in the area will usually be larger than other locations. This will provide opportunities for us to have potential property, such as rented or boarding houses. Commercial property in this area also needs our consideration because it can serve the needs of factory workers, such as credit kiosks, food stalls or minimarkets.

2. Around School or Campus
Property in the school or campus area is a very promising area because it can make it easier for us to generate positive cash flow each. when In locations like this it is highly recommended to make photocopying kiosks, credit kiosks, canteens, salons, or boarding rooms for our foreign students who study or study in the area. So, don’t look at one eye and underestimate this location.

3. Close to Shopping Centers (Malls)
Demand for property in this area is high. People who live in areas like this find life easier. With the existence of shopping malls or malls, the surrounding area will become more alive. This is the most sought after by many people.

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