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Posted by on Apr 12, 2019 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

You Can Use This Tips Before Use Water-Based Paint

You Can Use This Tips Before Use Water-Based Paint

The children were very happy when their house in the paint and replaced with a new color. Homeowners may be bored or want to change the atmosphere. We can also ask for help from painters woodstock ga to paint your house We can choose the color of your own or follow the advice of painters Woodstock. There are two basic paints are widely used. The first is water-based paints and the second is oil-based paints. Generally, the water base paints preferable to dry the walls of houses as fast and cheaper. Large wall surfaces will require a lot of buckets of paint. Perhaps, for one room 10×10, painters need 1 small paint bucket and mixed with water. There are some tips that can be used if you decide to replace your house paint with water-based paints.

– If you previously used oil paint in the room, you must first eliminate oil paint and roughening. Maybe this is rare because the oil paint is more suitable for media timber, iron or even steel.

– Make sure the water base paint used a type of matte paint because it can not sheen and fitting to the wall surface.

– Mix the water base paint with water to reduce the viscosity. If the water-based paint is used directly on the surface of the wall, the result will not be good and the paint is too thick. We can use the 80:20 calculation for water-based paint and water. If the water is too much, then the paint will not stick and the paint color is not visible.

– Apply a water-based paint to the wall with a little pressing to obtain maximum results. It is advisable to use a roller because it can help if the wall is high and wide.

– If you want to use two coats of water-based paint, the painting should not be done at one time because the results could be worse. We have to wait for tomorrow if we want to apply a second coat of paint.

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