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Posted by on May 14, 2019 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

You Can Use These Tennis Shoes Buying Tips

You Can Use These Tennis Shoes Buying Tips

Tennis is one sport that is played by two people or four people in pairs. The width of the tennis court itself is the same as the volleyball court. Not only men can play this sport, but women can also do it. There are some things that need to be considered in playing tennis including tennis shoes themselves. Of the many sports brands in the world that produce tennis shoes, tennis shoes are my own favorite. There are some tips that might be useful for you how to choose good tennis shoes in :

– Know your type of foot

Suspended foot type is a type of foot that has a wider size with a high arch and leaves a trail like a crescent moon. There is another type of pronated footwear that is a type of flat foot and must use shoes with complete and thick footwear to avoid injury. Speed, accuracy, and accuracy in playing tennis sports become an important role, so the selection of the right shoes will affect your performance in the game. Sure you choose lightweight shoes so as not to limit your movements. Shoes can also support the legs properly so that when you set foot after jumping will not make you injured.

– Material and design of tennis shoes

You must choose materials that are soft and comfortable when you buy shoes. However, if you buy original products, you can be sure the shoes will feel comfortable and soft. The design of tennis shoes is a bit like running shoes, so make sure you don’t choose shoes to do sports. This. A pair of tennis shoes themselves have hard pads to support the feet. And also have a flat design to maintain your balance.

– Take care and always clean regularly

You should change your tennis shoes when the shoes have reached 500 mill wear. Usually marked with shoes that are uncomfortable when used. Because they can wear out, the soles of the shoes are hard and slippery.

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