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Posted by on Jul 18, 2018 in General | 0 comments

Why Can Children Be Closer to Nanny?

Why Can Children Be Closer to Nanny?

In modern times, many women choose to keep working even if they have married. Time spent working sometimes takes up focus and energy. This certainly affects those who already have children. If you are a busy person or need help taking care of your child, you can visit our website and Click Here to get the best nanny to help you take care of your children.

Problems will arise if you work outdoors with erratic time, leaving early in the morning or even late into the night. Hiring a nanny to meet the needs of the child is sometimes chosen to be the solution. The child will spend more time with his nanny. As a result, the child becomes closer to the mother rather than her parents.

The child is not a miniature adult. The ability to think and feel the child is certainly different from adults. Children can feel the sincerity that cares for them sincerely, be it parent or nanny. The intensity of the relationship between the child and the nanny can indeed build an emotional closeness. This attachment ultimately creates a parent’s dilemma; on the one hand, parents need nanny help to care for children, but on the other hand, parents do not want to lose the child’s attention.

The closeness between the child and his nanny is sometimes unavoidable, even in fact fair to happen. All you can do to stay ‘tied’ with the child is to maximize the time together, ask what the child is doing on the day, or look for new activities that nanny cannot do.

No need to worry too much about the closeness between the child and his nanny. Understand that your role as a person will not and can never be replaced by a nanny, and this is what the child will eventually realize.

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