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Posted by on May 29, 2018 in General | 0 comments

When the pillar of your storage doesn’t support your hoist and crane

When the pillar of your storage doesn’t support your hoist and crane

If you only have an old warehouse and the size of the building pile is not in accordance with the recommended standard for Overhead Crane Capacity that you want to install, can still do Overhead Crane installation? Of course still can. In the meantime, if you look for a rescue hoist instead, we recommend you to check out the breeze eastern mro.

Here are some alternatives that can be done, if your warehouse pole is not supported with Capacity Overhead Crane that you want to invest.

1. Additional Poles

Additional columns are one of the solutions we can do by setting up an additional pole positioned next to the building pole and then doing the stood to allow the additional pole to remain (fixed) so that the load only takes place in the additional pole. Because of the addition of new poles, of course, we must create a new foundation as well, because this foundation is used as an intermediary to forward the load Overhead Crane to the ground surface. But if the concrete floor in your warehouse is quite thick and has a steel reinforcement wire mesh, then the addition of the foundation is not mandatory in add.

In addition, additional poles can also be used if the overhead crane is about to be installed only on the middle side of the warehouse (Girder is not the same as the width of the warehouse or stretch).

2. Cremona Pole (Independent Additional Column)

Cremona pole is also one solution to create overhead cranes that one side of the pole stands independently so that the pole does not require columns pole of the building as a buffer. This Cremona pole consists of 2 IWF profile steel poles that stand side by side so that one pole with the other pole is tied together with an iron stood with the Cremona method.

Cremona pole method is also often used for warehouses that have been planned to use the Overhead Crane system with a large capacity so that the building structure is stronger than the warehouse of the building from the ordinary warehouse.

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