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Posted by on May 31, 2018 in Health | 0 comments

What is aromatherapy?

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is now increasingly popular. But be careful, do not get the wrong choice of aromatherapy oils. Want to know more what is certified organic aromatherapy oil? Let’s find out here!

The term aromatherapy is often used in a variety of products, especially body care products, plus the lure of providing peace of mind and mind and as a stress repellent. Is that so?

Indeed aromatherapy is a holistic health science that has been tested and known to have holistic properties for physical health, mind, and soul or the term cool mind, body and soul. But lately, the term aromatherapy is reduced only as a pleasing fragrance. Though not all aromatherapy scented lot! For example aromatherapy oils derived from leaves such as citronella, patchouli or tea tree, or aromatherapy oil derived from the seeds such as nutmeg or fennel.

The prerequisite of aromatherapy is not in fragrance but aromatherapy oil materials used must come from plants or known as essential oil. But as the development of the perfume industry, then made a synthetic essential oil made from chemicals with a scent that resembles natural essential oil (natural) so that the price is much cheaper. Therefore, you must carefully choose an essential oil to avoid being fooled by synthetic essential oils that do not give aromatherapy properties.

This synthetic essential oil is widely misunderstood as an aromatherapy oil. Just a friendly tips, the price can be a clue to distinguish between genuine and fake essential oils. If you come across a shop selling aromatherapy oil at the same price for all types of essential oil sold then do not buy it. The actual “aromatherapy” oils have different prices for each type. Types of flowers such as rose, jasmine or neroli are very expensive because it takes raw materials up to hundreds of kilograms to produce several milliliters of oil. While lemongrass or patchouli oil is relatively cheaper.

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