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Posted by on May 20, 2018 in Health | 0 comments

What Can You Do To Prevent Herpes?

What Can You Do To Prevent Herpes?

To be able to stop herpes, then you can use the herpes blitz protocol. If a person suspects a person has a herpes skin infection, informing the doctor is the best way for early identification and treatment of skin infections to be done immediately for the health of the patient itself and the health of the people around when interacting (preventing transmission). Some mild cases of herpes do not require treatment, but if an infected person such as an athlete or a person who has heavy work is advised not to have to practice until the medical team determines that the lesion is no longer infectious. A person with a skin herpes infection who has had a severe or prolonged outbreak will choose a problem in the immune system so it is usually prescribed antiviral drugs. As well as treating, preventing herpes is also very important to do. You can follow these tips:

1. Do not Scratch the Skin Skin Affected by Herpes

Herpes is painful and itchy, but you do not scratch that area because it can be contagious if broken and watery. Therefore it is necessary once you can keep it though and ensure you won’t scratch it.

2. Prevention of Herpes Disease Skin Do not Rub with Towels

For this one, as well as scratch although in a more effective way through a towel and rubbed into the body because it can be dangerous and very quickly herpes later infectious.

3. Prevention of Skin Herpes Penyaldt Maintaining Diet

For those of you who are allergic to foods such as seafood and more. of course, you can choose other foods and most importantly also more hygienic because it can maintain the health of hygienic foods. Don’t forget to also pay attention the dietary habit, so you are not susceptible to herpes.

4. Prevention of Herpes Skin Disease is Enough Rest

Usually, in the hours that are important, you should be able to set the time to sleep because if you lack sleep can be very small chances you can get the virus. Therefore, you can keep and manage your break time.

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