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Posted by on Mar 14, 2019 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Ways to Participate in Maintaining Marine Ecosystems

Ways to Participate in Maintaining Marine Ecosystems

Many non-profit organizations and tour operators carry out activities to make people aware of the marine ecosystem. One step taken by the tour is to swim with whale sharks. This activity is certainly accompanied by professionals and is not harmful. Precisely with this step, the tour hopes tourists can understand the marine ecosystem that has begun to be damaged by illegal human activities.

If you are a coastal community, you can also participate in preserving the marine ecosystem. In this article, we will give tips on maintaining marine ecosystems:

– Do not use excessive pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
Even though you may live hundreds of kilometers from a coral reef ecosystem, these chemical products will end up in a downstream area and ultimately have a detrimental effect on the water that supports the life of coral reefs.

– Learn more about coral reefs.
Participate in training or educational programs that focus on reef ecology. When the voyagers already have enough knowledge and knowledge about reefs, voyagers can help other people to better understand and know about coral reefs, the voyagers can tell how fragile the reef is, and how much value it has for the world.

– Comply with local regulations when traveling
When we visit a place full of coral reefs, help to keep them healthy and fresh by adhering to local guidelines. Follow all the recommendations that exist, do not violate the regulations that have been set in the area, and also some adjustments that are indeed made to keep the corals alive.

– Share information about coral reefs that you know about
Now it’s quite easy to share this info, voyagers can do it through social media by packaging it creatively so that people are moved to read. Tell them it’s fun to learn how important coral reefs are to humans and to ecosystems around the world.

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