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Posted by on Feb 14, 2018 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Using Android app to make money

Using Android app to make money

There are so many ways ranging from the hardest to the easiest though, just choose which one we will take and make an additional income. Ok, here I will discuss a trick to make extra money from the Android smartphone that you use. Meanwhile, you can also check out the appnana invitation code, if you wish to get free cash from Appnana.

How to make this money can be done by all circles ranging from students or students, workers and also the general. Because the way or tips that are so easy and easy to follow and understand by all.

The trick is as easy as you use Blackberry Messenger, Facebook or SMS, and phone. If the note is very trivial but that’s the way or Tips that can generate additional money from Android smartphone that you use every day.

Tips to Make Extra Money on Your Android Smartphone App

The first tip generates Extra Money from a money-producing app

The first is the tips of money producers with the application of that generates money you can find out how to make money tips. Its application name is 8share. Maybe some already on the know this app is an android app.

You can use the application to share all offers of Articles and Videos where you will be paid using, BP or your country’s currency. BP itself stands for Bonus Point. You will get additional points by sharing articles on social media like twitter, google plus, and copy links to Facebook.

For BP itself can be withdrawn or in exchange using mobile credit and for withdrawal balance of your country’s currency. You can use Local Bank Transfer withdrawal.

Next Tips to Make Money from android smartphone application Credit, the credit application is a wallet or mobile e-wallet. This application is the same as a personal wallet where you can save Money in Credit Wallet.

You can also Make Extra Money just by inviting friends to install the Credit app and input invite code like BGGRT. You will instantly get Extra Money Rp.1000 for your friends who successfully invite you and complete the activation of email, phone number and Facebook you use.

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