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Posted by on Feb 15, 2018 in General | 0 comments

Useful and easy tips for new dog owners

Useful and easy tips for new dog owners

Whenever going to do basic training on dogs, try to feed the dog or give something that makes him happy. In the meantime, it’s also a good idea to use the brown leather leash for the more comfort and safety for your dog.

Dog training sitting. The first step is by pressing the lower back gently. Every time do that say the command line to sit. If the dog has obeyed the command and can sit quietly, give him a compliment and give him a snack.

Exercise dogs to defecate. Often we are bothered by our dogs who defecate in any place. Jikan knows the dog defecates in a place that is not the place, take the dirt and show it to him, then throw away where we want. If done repeatedly again and again and the dog will understand and obey our will.

Dog training Recognize guests. Every time a home bell rang a guest, order a dog to bark. if the guest is a person we know, we quickly instruct the dog to stop barking and stay away with a friendly greeting. The dog must be able to distinguish every guest who comes to visit our home.

Dog training with a clicker is a very fun and relatively easy to use way. clicker is a very simple tool has one button and when pressed will produce a click 2 times.

The purpose of using clicker is to indicate the dog has performed the action in accordance with our command. suppose we have the dog to sit down, we will press clicker when the dog has followed our command.

Well, now we start to train dogs.
1. Take a clicker and a dog’s favorite food
2. approach the dog, then click clicker until you hear the sound twice
3. Once the dog turns to you immediately give the dog a favorite food
4. silence about 5 minutes later then repeat again
5. exercise for 30 minutes then rest
6. Look for a time when the dog is not focused on you, or even the dog does not know your arrival. secretly clicker sound. if your dog seems to spirit immediately approached because the dog gives a signal ready in practice. do not forget to feed every dog after completion
your command. Good luck

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