Unique and Impressive Eclectic Style Living Room Design Ideas

An eclectic living room design can be used to design a living room with a look that is not unique, but also impressive. The living room is a place that is often used as an area that represents the appearance of the house as a whole. And not only that, but the living room can also describe the character and personality of the owner of the residence. As the only public space in the house, unique and attractive designs and design ideas are needed to make the living room feel very inviting and welcoming. If you like several styles and are confused about which style to choose and use, Northern Beaches Carpet Cleaning recommendations are eclectic can be the solution northern beaches carpet cleaning.

In an eclectic style, architectural and interior design elements can cover a lot. Such as building structures, furniture, motifs, decorations, ornaments, to traditional motifs or even styles from other countries. When designing an eclectic style in a room, you should choose one color as a unifying color. Unifying colors are colors that will harmonize the overall look of an eclectic style living room. For example, if you want to convey an intimate and warm atmosphere, you can try teal blue. When arranging the placement in the room, you have to think about a focal point that displays something eye-catching or attractive to the eye. As discussed earlier, you can play on various factors such as accents on walls and other decorative items.

The pattern characteristic of the eclectic style is the geometric patterns that appear on furniture and wallpapers. You can display zigzag patterns, vertical, horizontal lines, or circles. market, laminate, solid wood, or tiles can be the materials of choice for flooring. As a complement, you can decorate the floor with a certain patterned carpet. For lighting, use crystal chandeliers, chandeliers to contemporary urban style lamps. Adjust the shape of the selected lamp with the conditions of the eclectic style living room you want to display. Not only does it look beautiful to look at, but every item in the room must also have function and practicality. Therefore, the electric interior style uses a lot of antique and modern furniture at once and can complement each other.

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