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Posted by on Apr 10, 2018 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

‘Unexpected’ Goods Sold on eBay

‘Unexpected’ Goods Sold on eBay

The Supreme brick, a fashion label known for making equipment and skateboarding suits, rattles eBay’s auction site. The product is sold for about 80 US dollars. In fact, the bricks actually have a price of only about 40 US dollars per piece. What makes the price so high? The Supreme Party calls its new product a Supreme Brick. Supreme claims, the thing that makes it different from other bricks is the logo printed in large size in the middle and a slightly smoother appearance. Even so, in fact, this is just an ordinary brick. Nothing makes it so special, apart from its logo and subtlety.

Interestingly, Supreme’s bricks are not the only weird or unusual product on eBay. There are still so many other products on Ebay made easy, which are guaranteed to make people frown when they see it. What are the items? Here’s the review:

1. Justin Bieber’s hair clipping
The famous male singer’s hair was given to presenter Ellen DeGeneres. Then, DeGeneres decided to auction off. Bieber’s hair sold for 40,668 dollars in 2011. All the money was donated to the animal rescue organization.

2. The bread was half eaten by Justin Timberlake
Products related to famous people are very interesting. In fact, the new food ate a bit by singer and actress famous male role Justin Timberlake to be so sold and hunted on eBay. The bread was left behind after Timberlake completed an interview on a New York radio station. The radio announcer then auctioned the breakfast bread and a 19-year-old fan bought it for $ 1,025.

3. The meaning of life
Yes, the seller is not kidding while putting “the meaning of life” to sell on eBay. The seller claims to find the meaning and meaning of human life. He also promised to share with buyers who want to buy “meaning of life” is. Anyone interested? There was. About 8 people to offer. Only, the meaning of life is not expensive. This product sold at a price of 3.26 US dollars.

4. Corn cereal is shaped like the State of Illinois
Two brothers from Virginia found a piece of corn cereal in Illinois, a state in the US. For whatever reason, the two decided not to eat a piece of cereal and instead sold it on eBay. Luckily they did not eat it. Because the piece was successfully sold for 1350 US dollars. The piece was bought by a trivia site owner for his museum.

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