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Posted by on Jul 3, 2018 in Health | 0 comments

Understanding of Physiotherapy

Understanding of Physiotherapy

A physiotherapy is a form of health service aimed at individuals and/or groups to develop, maintain and restore motion and body function throughout the lifespan using manual handling, improvement of motion, equipment (physical, electrotherapy and mechanical) functional, communication training. Physiotherapy professions have different names in some countries based on language usage. To do this treatment you can visit physiotherapy clinic

A physiotherapist can help individuals/communities in improving health status and achieve the highest quality of life, through promotive, preventive, curative, habilitative and rehabilitative forms of service.

Physiotherapists can practice the practice of Physiotherapy independently or work in Health Service Facilities. Physiotherapists in providing physiotherapy services have professional responsibilities that can be hierarchically supervised by physiotherapists with higher competencies. Physiotherapists also collaborate with other health workers.

To ensure quality physiotherapy services, the physiotherapist is supervised by a physiotherapist who has a higher level of competence. In the case of other health professions, the physiotherapist is collaborative rather than Supervision. Safety for the patient and physiotherapist is the principle of physiotherapy work based on prudence, evidence-based practice physiotherapy, and professional ethics. Quality services are obtained with direct access so that the hospital’s quality objectives will be more easily achieved. It is related to response time handling, effectiveness, and efficiency of service to patients.

The purpose of doing physiotherapy is to restore body function after a disease or injury. If the body is suffering from a disease or permanent injury, then physiotherapy can be prioritized to reduce its impact.

In addition to the complete and specific methods, physiotherapy can also be done with a flexible. That is, the patient can perform physiotherapy anywhere in accordance with his ability, whether at home or at the hospital with physiotherapy services. You can even do your own physiotherapy, but do not forget to ask physiotherapist advice to assess your condition, so the type and frequency of physiotherapy are not wrong.

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