Tips to Choose Foot Mask

Not only your face, but your feet also need the care to keep them moisturized and not chapped. One of the products for foot care is a foot mask. This mask functions to moisturize or exfoliate the skin of the feet so that it is smoother. If you intend to find out about foot mask products, please continue reading this article. We will provide tips on how to choose a foot mask for foot bath.

Apart from being moisturizing, there are several products that can exfoliate the skin on your feet. Exfoliation from using a foot mask takes place a few days after use. Exfoliating aims to exfoliate dead skin and replace it with new, smooth skin. Don’t miss this treatment so that your feet stay moisturized, supple, and well-groomed. Please read our tips for choosing a foot mask.

You can find two forms of foot mask, one is in the form of a bag filled with essences and one is in the form of cream. The pouch-shaped foot mask is easier to use. You just have to put your feet in the bag for a few minutes. Cream foot masks are used just like face masks. Apply it on the feet for a few moments or overnight and rinse.

In terms of function, you can find foot masks for exfoliating and non-exfoliating ones. Foot mask without exfoliation feature only functions to moisturize and repair cracked skin.

If you buy a foot mask for exfoliation in a bag, you may not feel the effect of exfoliating your feet after a few days of use. It is different from the cream foot mask because you can feel the exfoliating effect immediately after rinsing it.

Choose a foot mask that contains Epsom salt to help exfoliate. Epsom salt is an inorganic salt or known by the chemical name magnesium sulfate. Unlike table salt, this salt is not salty but bitter. This salt has long been used for health and beauty.