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Posted by on Sep 11, 2018 in General | 0 comments

Tips On To Properly Open the Garage Door

Tips On To Properly Open the Garage Door

Sure, chain and screw drives can be the options for you when choosing the garage door opener. However, you also need to pay attention to the garage door. Do you know how to always open the garage door properly? The width and direction of the openings make it possible for a metal turnstile, from finished wood. Each material has a good aesthetic value, as long as it matches the style of the house. Now, what is the width of the door that should be used? The width of the turnstile leaves cannot be separated from the shape of the openings and the space available for the movement of the door when opening and closing. Do not get the width of the door 2 meters but when opening part of the door is above the public road or the door cannot be closed and opened because of the car parking in the carport.


The shape of the opening is also a part to be considered in determining the shape of the door. If the door does not allow it to be opened as wide as the door, then the door can be divided into several parts. Some of the doors are then connected with hinges and become folding doors. The ideal width of the folding door leaves is around 60-80 cm. Regarding the direction of openings, choose a safe direction. In a sense, if it opens to the outside, it does not interfere with traffic and if it opens inward, it does not crash into a vehicle parked in the carport.

Usually, the turnstile opens to the outside of the yard for a carport length of less than or equal to 5 meters. This is because when the car is inside the carport, the door cannot be closed perfectly because the door is blocked by the car. If the carport length is more than 5 m, it usually accommodates the length of the car plus the width of the door. That is, the door can close when the car is parked in the carport.

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