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Posted by on Jun 24, 2018 in General | 0 comments

Tips For Your Goods Pass When Migrating To Australia

Tips For Your Goods Pass When Migrating To Australia

Traveling has become an interesting hobby, how not? To enjoy life, you will move more from one country to another. Seeing things that are unique and adding to your knowledge is a must and can not be missed, especially if you plan to migrate to one place. This will be the record because every country has a different treatment to the immigrants, not with the exception of Australia. They have special treatment for immigrants who come to Australia, it is not impossible that Immigration Australia officers treat you specifically, so there must be things you notice as long as you migrate to Australia, one for you who do not know, this customs will filter the objects – objects considered harmful and harmful to enter Australia. And they have the exclusive right to “eliminate” the goods. It would be a shame if the goods you carry are eventually discarded. Especially expensive stuff.

For those who have not heard the word Passenger card, it is a required field to fill in when you arrive in Australia. Usually given by flight attendants on the plane, but you can also take it in immigration gate when he arrived in Australia. Later, all the information will be written to the above paper and given to immigration staff in immigration gate. Especially for the items you carry, we recommend answering the YES / NO option with the most appropriate and correct choice. If for example, you are not sure, please check YES. And this would be better than you guys lying and being put into the detention room. Especially for liquid/liquid goods that have a composition above 100ml, we suggest to put it in your luggage and put it between your clothes to avoid breaking. And if it is important, do not forget to paste “fragile sign” suitcase yes, when checked in. If you have to take it with you to the cabin, make sure that this product has a capacity below 100ml. And also has been covered by plastic.

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