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Posted by on Feb 24, 2019 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

This Is The Weakness Of An Advanced Immobilizer Car Key In Your Car

This Is The Weakness Of An Advanced Immobilizer Car Key In Your Car

Today, almost all the latest cars have been equipped with various advanced features. Whether it’s Car Key Replacement or one of the advanced features is the immobilizer key. This car key is designed using an electronic encryption system so that it is far different from the various standard models that generally exist. You need to know that even though it has been embedded with advanced technology, this immobilizer key still has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of using this key is safe. Because the car can only be turned on using a key that has been registered in the car ECU. So the car’s engine will not live if it is broken into using a screwdriver. At a glance, the key technology system is sophisticated, almost similar to a car key using conventional alarms. However, the difference is, in the immobilizer encryption is implanted, which means that there is a signal or frequency that is capable of being sent, received, and randomized which can only be translated by a device that has been determined as its partner

If BMW makes a car key with a touch screen like a smartphone, Tesla instead makes a smartphone as a key for the Tesla Model 3. Tesla makes an application to replace the key features of a conventional car.

Speaking of weaknesses, it is said that the components contained in this key are very expensive than the usual key. Therefore, if it is fixed as a standard feature, it can make car prices increase. Not only that, the risk is quite high if the immobilizer key is lost because you cannot duplicate it carelessly, because the key is connected to the car’s ECU. The disadvantage of using this key is, of course, the higher cost compared to the ordinary key. However, this is comparable to the benefits obtained by vehicle owners. But the best thing you have to do is keep your car key immobilizer from falling into someone else’s hands. Because, if it falls or falls into the hands of others, it is not impossible to be misused so that makes you lose your dream vehicle.

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