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Posted by on Jan 25, 2019 in Health | 0 comments

This is the reason someone easily addicted to narcotics and other things

This is the reason someone easily addicted to narcotics and other things

Many people feel that they are addicted to narcotics because there are substances that can make someone feel addicted easily. However, it turns out, addiction can also occur for several reasons. However, specifically for narcotics addiction, there are a number of things you must do, one of which is to use various medications or appropriate therapies. One therapy that you can run is to use ayhuasca.

Addiction to narcotics is not a good thing and will even have a negative impact on yourself and your health. However, addiction itself has a variety of causes and there is even background to why you are easily addicted to one thing.

A person who is addicted usually will not have control over what he does, consumes or uses. It then develops into an addiction. Addiction can occur in ordinary ways and there are many types. Ranging from food addiction, addicted to dancing, addicted to gadgets, to addiction to alcohol and illegal drugs. The bad news is that addiction can affect and adversely affect health conditions. Especially psychological health because in fact, addiction can cause behavior until a person’s brain functions change.

So why can someone get addicted? What happens to the body when addicted? Addiction to a person occurs in three stages. It starts with the emergence of curiosity about an object and continues to be like it. I like it so much, you might lose control of yourself not to do things that are related to something you like.

That stage then continues to be a habit of doing something and it is difficult to stop it. It can even make someone feel incomplete when passing something that is opium. The main factor that can cause actual addiction is the emergence of feelings of pleasure in the brain. That’s because the body, especially the brain, recognizes something pleasant so that it hopes to always be able to repeat it. The brain also responds to this by secreting the hormone dopamine, known as the pleasure hormone. This hormone will increase when you feel satisfied, happy, and happy about something.

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