This Is The Basic Explanation About Scaffolding

Scaffolding is often used in the world of building construction. Scaffolding is very important to assist in the process of building a multi-story building. Then what exactly is scaffolding? Scaffolding is an important part of the construction process. Scaffolding or scaffolding is a construction assistant in the process of building a building or building. The scaffold is a temporary structure used to support people and construction materials in a building work process. However, currently, bamboo is rarely used. Nowadays, people tend to use high-quality metal scaffolding that they can rent from a trustworthy Hire In company.

Scaffolding or scaffolding is usually used in construction work when the building is above 2 meters high and cannot be reached by workers. Scaffolding or scaffolding is made to have a shape like a modular system made of metal tubes or pipes. Scaffolding can also be made using bamboo or other materials. However, currently, bamboo is rarely used as a tool for making scaffolding in Asian countries.

The main material for its manufacture is an iron pipe which is then shaped to have a strength level that can withstand the load above the scaffolding. Scaffolding can bear the load usually ranges from 225 kg/bay for light loads, 450 kg/bay for medium loads, to 675 kg/bay for heavy loads.

However, in the process of building a building project, the need for scaffolding depends on the project owner. Therefore, most building projects use scaffolding rental assistance because they can save their working time. Don’t forget to make sure what types are needed more, thus saving costs.

Scaffolding has three basic types that need to be known, they are:

Aerial Lifts. This type of scaffolding becomes a support for lifting human baskets or Man Baskets.

Suspended Scaffolds. This type of scaffolding is a scaffolding that uses ropes to help support loads.

Supported Scaffolds. This type of scaffolding is a scaffolding that uses poles to hold it. Not only that, this scaffolding is also equipped with other supports, namely legs, joints, frames and also outriggers.