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Posted by on Sep 20, 2018 in Technology | 0 comments

Things to Know About Facebook Live Streaming Feature

Things to Know About Facebook Live Streaming Feature

Live Stream service is for everyone. This means that individuals can use it for the certain reason and purpose. If you have the Facebook account, then you can also do the live streaming through that social media platform just like what many people do. So, why do you want to take advantage of the live streaming feature on Facebook? Are you trying to marketing your products and services?

When talking about the live stream, you may wonder to know that Facebook adds new features to its platform, where users can broadcast their activities directly through the platform with an unlimited number. However, the broadcast cannot be stored or shared via channels on the platform.

Facebook developed a new Continuous Video API that will make the above features possible. With this new feature, Facebook hopes that its platform can be a place for live feeds from natural events, major events, or just to supervise pets left when their owners go to work.

With the new API developed by Facebook, live broadcasts can be carried out for 90 minutes, although users can manage how long the video will be displayed according to the desired time period.

With this new feature, users can use it to gather with distant relatives at family gathering events but want to stop following the event after three hours. Professional services can also use this service to broadcast live broadcasts for sports events or the like by completing feeds on Facebook Live.

In addition, developers can also use this feature in other services because what was developed by Facebook is an API. Professionals can also use higher equipment and not only rely on devices in the form of smartphones. However, this API is not ready for use in the meantime because implementing an API requires time. Facebook only hopes that its partners take advantage of this feature earlier.

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