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Posted by on Apr 27, 2018 in General | 0 comments

These are Some Motorcycle Riders Action That Should Be Changed

These are Some Motorcycle Riders Action That Should Be Changed

Motorists are the ones who often drive their speed at a high speed because they think that the vehicle can run fast and well at high speed though. In fact, high speeds can also cause accidents that endanger their own. The existence of motorcycle insurance is necessary to make the motor drivers can be a little quieter when their motor is damaged.

Unfortunately, the motorcycle drivers also always make some mistakes that can make the driver around him feel upset. Some of the mistakes usually made by motorists are

– Passing the stop line limit
In every lamp, of course, there is a boundary line called a stop line. This line usually also accompanied by zebra cross. Motorists often cross the line. this will cause the zebra cross inedible vehicle body so as to disrupt those who want to cross. Supposedly, they reduce the speed of their vehicles in the area so as not to stop suddenly past the stop line limit.

– Do not put pedestrians first
Motorcycle riders often look so unconcerned with others around them. This can be seen from the bikers who do not want to budge and do not want to put the foot that will pass the cross. In fact, sometimes they just that do not deserve to accelerate the pace of the vehicle when pedestrians will crossing. This will certainly be very dangerous pedestrian walkers and be the cause of accidents that often occur in the streets. What they should do is to slow down the vehicle and send pedestrians passing by.

– Steal time
The thing that happens most often and often we find is bikers who steal time in the area of ??traffic lights. Motorcyclists often steal time by not stopping directly when the red light is on and hastily speeding when the green light is not yet on. The theft of time is also increasingly apparent in the area of ??traffic lights that Countdown Digital Display fitted. Usually, theft time occurs 3-5 seconds before the green light is on, the motorcycle rider directly to the vehicle. B

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