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Posted by on Sep 12, 2018 in General | 0 comments

These Are Some Losses When You Don’t Have a Garage at Home

These Are Some Losses When You Don’t Have a Garage at Home

Having a vehicle, especially a car makes you have to prepare the right place and is good for storing your car for the security of the car you have. The place that can store your car is a garage, of course. A good garage can certainly protect your car from the sun, rain and even theft. The most important thing about a garage is the garage door. If the garage door is damaged, then obviously you have to fix it. With portes de garage you can repair the damage.

However, there are still some people who don’t have a garage in their house to store the cars they have. In fact, there are some disadvantages that can be obtained if you don’t have a car garage at home. Some of the things in question are

– Unsecured security
The theft is not only the theft of the car but also theft of other items in it. Call it like a rearview mirror or accessory installed in a car.
The thief can easily break the glass of your car. The way they use is now also more sophisticated. From small spark plugs to salt, you can!
You have to pay a lot of money to repair the broken glass. Especially if it turns out there are valuable items stolen in the car when the glass is broken. It can be double.

– Disturb traffic
Although the road is still relatively large, parking outside the house is tantamount to disturbing traffic. Obviously, the road in front of your house is getting narrower. If indeed the volume of vehicles passing in front of your house is high, then don’t close the possibility of your car being the cause of congestion.

– The car is dirty fast
Your car will get dirty easily because there will be a lot of dust sticking and will be dirty because of the raindrops.
Cars that are too often exposed to rain and heat continuously, the effect is not good for car paint. For example, your car is filled with water spots and consequently must be washed in a car wash so that it is perfectly clean.

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