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Posted by on May 21, 2019 in Health | 0 comments

These Are Several Bad Things About Atheism

These Are Several Bad Things About Atheism

Do you think that being a religious person is the right choice? Though this is an error that starts from the mind powerful prayer for healing . When someone’s mind is wrong then all things are done and he said also must be at fault, all the best in the ear but the goal is far from the truth. Apart from that, if you’re a Christian, you might also want to take a look at the urgent prayer request service.

Here are some of the bad effects that you will feel when you don’t have faith in your heart:

Absolute sensual comfort as satisfaction for him. They are only satisfied if something touches or at least witnesses worldly things directly.

Selfish, more selfish. They only care about themselves where they are the center, while others are considered as intruders / lower people who are not important.

Very materialistic. There is no money, there is no happiness. Without money and momentary pleasure they are unable to survive.

Have no hope. As if not having enthusiasm in his weak soul – lethargic. Desperate too fast.

Do not have a purpose in life. This world is the ultimate goal, what he can achieve will be achieved by all means, including using bad methods.

It’s happy very much depends on the surrounding environment and the material that is owned. Without the role of the environment, there is no sense of happiness, without the abundant material in the hand, the heart tends to get out of hand. They have never learned to say enough for the enjoyment of the world they have.

Can’t stand the test – full of hatred, revenge, anger, and violence. They only know how to be comfortable. When there are others who try to disturb their calm, uncontrollable emotional control over his life.

Doing crime for the sake of material. When the things that are not yet owned, there is a tendency to justify any means so that he can get what he wants.

Manipulate (theft and corruption) for the sake of material. The need for high money cannot be fulfilled anymore. Therefore, some people will justify any means to achieve it.

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