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Posted by on Mar 29, 2019 in General | 0 comments

These Are Causes Of Leaking AC

These Are Causes Of Leaking AC

Electronic goods also need maintenance, such as AC, which we must maintain regularly. There are many problems that can occur in air conditioners that are not getting enough maintenance. Usually, the problem on the AC appears when it has been used for quite a long time. One of them is a leak in the AC indoor unit. AC that is leaked can usually be seen from the water droplets that emerge from the AC indoor unit when we turn it on. This, of course, is very disturbing to us and we must immediately bring it to the air conditioner experts for repair. On the other hand, if you have a newly bought split AC, we recommend you to call instalacion de minisplit tijuana to help you install it safely and properly in your home.

The cause of the AC leak according to the AC Contractor:

A leaky air conditioner usually occurs because there is dirt in the drain so that the remaining evaporation of water comes out of the indoor unit. This is because we rarely do maintenance on these components, so they often experience interference.

AC is also not vacuumed during installation. It’s because vacuum on the air conditioner functions to remove the air in the compressor. If there is still air left over from the compressor, the pipe will be moldy.

The cause of the next AC leak was damage to the hose due to being bitten by a mouse.

Mistakes during the AC installation can also be the cause of AC leakage. Incorrect installation of drain pipes will result in leakage water.

When finished cleaning the air conditioner, we recommend that you install the air conditioner in a straight position. If the AC position is tilted it will certainly leak. In addition, during installation, we must ensure that the AC drain pipe is properly installed.

Leaking AC Solution

According to AC retailers, one of the steps to prevent and repair a leaky air conditioner is to carry out routine maintenance. In addition, when installing air conditioners, it is best done by a professional and trusted technical person. This is important so that the installation can be done correctly so as to avoid leakage during installation.

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