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Posted by on Mar 1, 2019 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

The Reasons Why Fresh Graduate Is Difficult To Get A Job

The Reasons Why Fresh Graduate Is Difficult To Get A Job

Graduating from college does not mean the struggle is over. You still have to fight again to get a job, and this is even more challenging than the struggle to graduate jobcentre online vacancy list. If you want to get the job that meets your desire and needs, then jobcentreonline is for you. Many people these days apply for a job online due to some reasons. You can try it and get the advantages even though this is your first experience doing it.

Many fresh graduates fail to get jobs because they underestimate the requirements and simply apply to all the vacancies they find without adjusting to what is needed. In fact, if your experience is still zero and you apply to companies that need a minimum of 3 years experience, or you are a graduate of civil engineering but apply to jobs that ask candidates from the public relation department, of course, your application will go straight into the trash.

Less experience seems to be another thing which is the reason why fresh graduates have a hard time getting a job. Indeed, there are quite a number of companies that accept fresh graduate employees, but the numbers are outnumbered by the number of college graduates every year. The lack of experience has caused fresh graduates to lose in the job market competition.

Do you have the value or other skills? Job competition is something you must go through because there are many people who also seek a job. Not to mention if you apply to a fairly popular profession where you have to compete not only with fellow fresh graduates but also with other candidates who are more experienced or educated higher than you.

If you don’t have the value that can make you stand out from other candidates, your CV will not be glimpsed by companies that may receive hundreds of applications every day.

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