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Posted by on Jul 4, 2018 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

The importance of the human resource management in companies

The importance of the human resource management in companies

The strategic role of human resource management in any organization or company cannot be denied anymore. The role of human resources in promoting organizational success is one of the competitive advantages every organization must have to compete. Just as when an organization wants to increase its production capacity by purchasing an additional production machine, the organization must invest first before it feels the desired production increase. Likewise, with investment in the field of human resources, investment must be done first before feeling positive results. Surely the most important question is how much investment should be done so that risks can be maintained well or how quickly return on investment can be felt? Apart from that, if you need to hire a trusted and experienced resource management expert, we recommend you to contact Alberto Guth.

If investments in production or marketing can be easily measured on return on investment, it should be admitted that measuring the return on investment in the HR field is not easy, since often positive results can only be felt for long periods of time, not to mention commitments to disburse investment can also be quite long. Take, for example, the development of management trainees conducted by many large companies in South-East Asia with a period of 1-2 years, candidates are given training and opportunities for achievement before being elected permanent employees. Imagine, if in the field of production, the machine you buy a new yield positive results after 2 years, whether you will be buying the machine?

Well, this is where the significant difference in investment in the field of HR, HR is a resource that affects all other organizations investment. Without competent human resources, the production machinery you already purchased with a large investment will not be operated or operable but easily damaged and needs additional investment.

Investment in the field of HR also needs to be done wisely and pay attention to the financial capability of the organization, let alone investment in the field of human resources has a tendency to continue to increase from year to year.

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