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The history of thermos

The history of thermos

How good on a cold day or a cup of tea or coffee. Well, if the desire appears at home, and if you are in nature? Right at this point comes in one great product. About him, and will be discussed. Before we find out what the best flasks keep hot, dip a little in history. Additionally, you may want to check out our website if you’d like to know what is the best thermos for keeping food hot.

The Invention

Thermos is a container used to store not only high temperatures but also lower. Used for household purposes.

The date of birth of this invention is 1881. During the physics experiments, Reinhold glass box has a double wall. In 1982, thanks to Dewar, it was improved, and the appearance began to resemble flasks. In 1903 this discovery was the hand of Reynold Berger. Entrepreneurs “place” on the container’s metal casing and are managed by airtight stopper products and glass-tops. The first name he received – “vacuum flask”, and only after some time into a thermos.

Our time vessels on the design are slightly different from “far away”. They are practical and reliable, such as placed in metal or plastic housing. One can see the difference in traffic congestion: previously they were made of wood, and now use special caps with threads. Of course, this is not the deciding factor in the problem, it’s better to keep the thermos warm, but also important.

Food – used to store food. They have wide necks.

For drinks – designed for the transport of liquids. Small neck, equipped with two stoppers and cover.

Splendor – a boat for drinks. The cover is a pump, through which is convenient to pour the liquid. For tourism, adventures may not be appropriate, but a great option for a picnic and make it clear what kind of thermos holds better heat. Nature lovers reviews indicate that they have passed the test and give an estimate of ten out of ten.

Thermos mug – liquid storage products. It has a small capacity and a compact size.

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