The Electric And Infrared Garage Heaters Have A Few Similarities

If the car storage room is connected to the power supply, then the easiest way to use it is an electric heater for the garage, which does not require a chimney device. Preference is given to the following modifications: Fan heaters of various capacities. They are distinguished by the simplicity of design and small overall dimensions. Its main disadvantage is that it is not worth leaving such devices for a long time, besides, they consume quite a lot of electricity. If it is possible to connect to a three-phase network, then a heat gun with increased power is used for large garages. Additionally, if you want to buy a new electric garage heater, perhaps the 120V electric garage heater can be suitable for your garage.

The familiar oil heater is also frequently used. Of course, they do not have the same power as heat guns, but their use is more justified from a safety point of view. It is advisable to choose a multi-part device with increased power, which will be able to heat the garage even in severe frosts. Consider it the most economical garage heater, of course, not worth it, but it will perform its function quite successfully. You can pay attention to the model

On the other hand, infrared heaters also operate on electrical energy, but the principles of receiving and transferring heat energy are completely different. An infrared garage heater is economical (30-40% lower than a heat gun) and safe. This equipment is best used to provide zone heating. If the infrared heater is directed to the engine compartment of the car, it will be possible to avoid freezing the oil in the crankcase, even in severe frosts.

For heating the garage, it is worth choosing a modification that can provide heat output at a rate of at least 50 W for every square meter of area. Often used ceiling models, which do not cause problems when moving around the garage. So, it is necessary to pay attention to the model