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Posted by on Nov 30, 2018 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

The creativity and bright sides of cosplayers

The creativity and bright sides of cosplayers

Being a cosplayer will inevitably make you a creative person. They are good at using roots when rattan no longer exists. How is it not creative? Do you know? Isn’t it difficult to make costumes? Especially if there are strange accessories. Guns, swords, and various other accessories, not everyone can make it, you know! But they are cosplayers who really intend to make it with their own hands. In the meantime, you might also want to find more news about the Youmacon as well.

Cut the foam heart, look for knick-knacks, sew, paint, and finally fail, then repeat it again from the beginning without being discouraged. Not because there is no work, but because it is part of his plan. Although in the end, it can’t be as perfect as the original, at least the cosplayers always try to produce the best from the results of their own efforts.

Besides that, in terms of their association, they are also not isolated. Don’t get me wrong, cosplayers are sociable people. Their association is also very broad!

Come to the cosplay event to be Luffy (One Piece). Eh, meet Ussop with Sanji. Chat, connect a photo together, a friend on Facebook. That is one of the advantages of cosplayers. It’s really easy to get along with friends who are hobbies, especially projects. Until cosplayers from outside the city can get to know from the same hobby.

This is one of the things that makes cosplay so special to be friends. The cosplayers holding gatherings are not just gathering or not clear, but they also come to cosplayers’ events to expand their relationships and networks.

Apart from that, cosplay is not just wearing costumes from Japanese animated characters. You can also cosplay as Elsa or Anna from Frozen!

Many think that cosplay is only limited to Japanese anime characters, even though you don’t know. Maybe because there are a lot of anime lovers in South-East Asia, so every time there are more cosplay events that use costumes from Japanese anime characters.

So Star wars, batman, harry potter, ironman, even princesses from Disney animated films like Snow White, Elsa Frozen, Cinderella, it’s cosplay anyway. Cosplay = costume play, not only anime costume play!

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