The Best Duration For Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are often used by companies to make it easier and faster for customers to find out what products and benefits they have. Due to this change video marketing continues to evolve and change as needed. With easy sketch pro 3.0 available many will have the advantages of easily creating video, they need for their business. So, the question of the duration of a video is how long the video will effectively sell and reach the audience? Lots of debate about a good video duration.

When you want to display a video of your product or service, a 90-second whiteboard animation video is perfect for you. You may be wondering why it is not shorter in duration than any video on the market. The main point to make is to produce a whiteboard animation video that connects your product with the audience. In the beginning, show the problems you often experience or the difficulties you often encounter when dealing with products like you offer. This can generate confidence in viewers that they are seeing the video they need. Human attention span is not the only benchmark in determining the length of a video, but it also plays an important role in video marketing.

Creating an effective video is not based solely on its duration. Here are a few things you can use when creating an effective explainer video. The key to getting viewers interested in your video is to present a well-written and clear story. Try to find tips on how to write a story uniquely and the message will hit the audience right. You can also check videos made by competitors as reference material. Remember to keep the story in order, simple, and avoid jargon that doesn’t suit the audience. This is very important so that you can find a rhythm or anything that suits your video, you can also include humour as long as you can. The relationship between animation and story is a pair that cannot be separated and stand alone. Animated images will illustrate the story you need. If your story is out of order then your video will also produce an ordinary and unimpressive video.