Super Practical Shoe Packing Tips

Your vacation will not feel complete without a pair of shoes to complete your stylish look. Whether it’s hiking shoes or even stilettos, shoes are something you can’t miss. But, often we pay less attention to how to package it. So, when he arrived at the destination his shoe shape was broken. Therefore, you need simple tips that can be done when packing shoes. So, how to pack shoes in a suitcase?

Make shoes as clothing
When packaging it, make the shoes as a base or be at the bottom layer of the bag. This can be used as a reminder when you are going to put your bag in the cabin, the flat part is the shoes. So, the shoes in the bag are not easily damaged. Use the inside of the shoe for storage. Tuck the socks into the shoes if there is no more room. Small clothes such as underwear are also easy to roll up and tuck into shoes. Meanwhile, trinkets and souvenirs that are easily damaged are also suitable to be stored in shoes that can provide cushioning, making them safer.

Save with Yin & Yang pattern
Shoes can usually be stored in a yin & yang pattern or turning one over when placing it in a bag. The trick, the tip of the shoe is tucked into the heel of the other shoe. This is especially true for high heels.

Use a shoe bag
No matter how good your shoes are, the ones you wear on vacation can be full of sand and dirt. Therefore, you need to wrap it again with a special shoe bag. Of course, this is done to keep other items clean and not easily damaged.

Choose the right shoes for the holidays
The most important thing while on vacation is to choose what type of shoes you will wear when leaving or returning. For example, choosing to wear slip-on or boots and storing sandals or high heels in your suitcase to save space. Reduce space for shoes by bringing 1 or 2 pairs of neutral colored shoes that can be worn with any outfit. Black ankle shoes and big heels, for example, can replace flat shoes, formal high heels, and trainer shoes for a walk around town.