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Posted by on Feb 3, 2019 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

Some Health Problems that Factory Workers May Experience

Some Health Problems that Factory Workers May Experience

One of the factors that affect a person’s health is the environment. For those who have worked, the work environment can have an impact on health. No exception to factory workers. Aside from that, you may go to jobcentreonline website if you wish to find a new job

Here are some health problems that are usually experienced by factory workers:

Circadian rhythm is disrupted

Circadian rhythm is a change that occurs in physical, mental, and behavior during a 24-hour cycle. Not only humans but most living things also have their own circadian systems. Usually, the circadian system response depends on the light in the environment. Factory workers, especially those with a shift work system, have a high risk of disrupting the work of the circadian rhythm. The human body naturally enters the relaxation phase after dark or night. Those who get the turn of the night shift must fight the body’s desire to naturally rest. The body is forced to function optimally while working.

If you work against your natural sleep cycle, you can suffer from fatigue and sleep disorders. Fatigue can cause mood changes, decreased cognitive abilities and reflexes, and make it easier for you to get sick.


For factory workers, the source of stress can come from many aspects, for example

The work is monotonous and so-so.
Feeling not having control of work and not having the power to make decisions.
The ability that is owned is not used in the work.
Feelings of worry about losing a job.
Low pay but high work demands.
There is no career path.

Factory workers are also susceptible to social problems if for example workers get a night shift or work on Saturday and Sunday, their social life can be disrupted because most people move around during the day and relax on weekends.

In addition to environmental influences, stress can also be caused by the body’s response to changes in circadian rhythms. Changes in sleep hours due to the rotation of the work shift can cause hormonal disorders and lead to stress.

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