Solutions For Foundation Collapses

Building collapses can be caused by many factors. If the foundation of your house collapses due to sinkage, you can fix it by using underpinning in melbourne service. The best solution is to inject under the foundation of the building foot. The main objective is to strengthen and increase the bearing capacity of the soil that is located under the existing foundation. The implementation process usually uses the method, where the mortar is inserted under the foundation to a depth of 40 m through a rotating drill pipe and then pushed using a pressure pump and compressor so that the soil will mix with cement, forming a column. This method can increase the soil bearing capacity.

The second solution is to dismantle the collapsed foundation and the structure of the building that is attached and then rebuild it. This solution can be chosen because the first solution requires a large amount of money. The solution above is indeed very effective in overcoming a collapsed foundation. Unfortunately, the costs you need to pay for grouting injections are huge. So this solution is not suitable to be applied to a 1-story building. A better solution is to dismantle buildings, repair foundations and then rebuild.

The third solution is that you can install piles to increase the strength of the main foundation that has collapsed. This solution is very effective and efficient because we do not need to dismantle buildings, the process is relatively fast, and the costs incurred are not too high. However, not all collapsed foundations can be handled using this solution. This method is only safe to apply at a slope distance not exceeding half a brick. If the slope has passed from this distance, the building construction will have to be demolished. This solution is implemented by installing a reinforced cast just below the lowered foundation. You can plant piles on both sides (right and left) of the foundation that is experiencing a decline. Or it could be that this pile is planted diagonally on both sides of the outside of the pole if the position is exactly at the right angle of the building.