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Posted by on Aug 26, 2017 in Health | 0 comments

Sitting Position Affect Baby’s Health

Sitting Position Affect Baby’s Health

Sitting position while pregnant can affect the health of pregnant women and the baby, that’s why pregnant women are advised to sit in a position that is not arbitrary. Be careful in all things must be done pregnant women throughout pregnancy. Being wrong doing something can threaten their lives.

Here are some sitting positions that are not recommended for a prospective mother who was pregnant:

– Hunchback position
When the position is bent, your back is not awake straight. Weight is charged to the spinal cord. And this can endanger your safety, as well as the fetus that is in the stomach. Therefore, avoid sitting position like this.

– Sit with your feet hanging
Sitting with your feet hanging will increase blood flow to your feet. Thus, the feet will experience swelling, which is a common problem for pregnant women.

– Sit back without rest
Sitting without a backrest, causing your back in a tense position. Thus, the back will be painful and sore. Preferably when sitting, choose a chair that has a backrest. Keep your back in comfort and relaxation.

– Sitting position leaning forward
This is the most dangerous position for pregnant women. Because, as you lean forward, the weight of the body shifts to your stomach. Especially if the pregnancy has entered the advanced phase, your ribs can pierce the baby’s body and leave a permanent trace.

– Seated position half
Pregnant women often sit in this position. Did you know that in this position the spinal cord holds your weight? And that is why, if you sit like this for a long time, your back will feel sore and sore.

Delivering a healthy baby is the optimal happiness of women in the world. Therefore, if you are pregnant, avoid doing trivial things that have a bad effect on the baby, and also on you.

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