Simple Tips for Caring for Your Favorite Cat

Although sometimes annoying, cats are very effective at reducing stress! Apart from being cute, cats can also be friends when you are sad. They can also play on the cat hamster wheel. But it will all go smoothly if you know how to properly care for a cat at home!

Understand their needs and nutritional intake from a young age
You know, kittens need twice the amount of nutrition than adult cats? But that doesn’t mean you have to keep on feeding it! Usually, kittens will begin to learn to eat after 5-6 weeks of age even though they are still breastfeeding their mother. You can provide food regularly 4 times every day. Also, make sure you choose a cat food that contains lots of vitamins and nutrients for the health of the cat.

Do not give a dog food for your cat
This one thing is sometimes done by those of you who really care for cats and dogs. Usually, for reasons of saving costs, you will only buy food for one type of animal. You need to know that dog food does not contain taurine. This content is a nutrient that cats need to prevent heart disease and blurred vision.

Cats are naturally carnivores
Give the cat food that comes from animal meat such as chicken, beef, or fish. Therefore, foods derived from plants should be avoided. Because the cat cannot digest the food properly. You need to cook it. Not a little, you know, cats are even given food in the form of vegetables and rice. Though this will make the litter smell more odorless than cats that eat meat.

Bathe the cat regularly
Feeling uncomfortable with cat hair that starts to smell? When bathing it, you should choose cold water. Because hot water will only damage the fur and cause skin irritation in cats. To make it more fragrant, you can also spray special cat perfume on his body to avoid the growth of fleas.