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Posted by on Aug 30, 2017 in Technology | 0 comments

Safe Transaction at ATM

Safe Transaction at ATM

One of the criminal cases associated with ATM is skimming. Customers from a number of banks suddenly cut their savings balance, but they do not make money making transactions. In the skimming activity, the data on the ATM magnetic card is copied and then rewritten on the blank magnetic card. So the original ATM card and the already written data card become identical. This cloning card can work like a genuine ATM card. But how can these criminals take the customer’s money with this new card if they do not know the PIN number?

To transact at an ATM, in addition to using a card, a customer must also enter a PIN number. So, to get the customer PIN number, surveillance cameras are placed in the right position around the ATM so that the number entered by the customer when the transaction can be seen. In addition, some criminals use the traditional way of peeking when customers enter a PIN number. By that method, the criminals already have a cloned ATM card that contains the same data as your original ATM card and the correct PIN number, so they can trade with your account. As a result, when they take money from your account, your money in the bank is reduced.

How to secure transactions at ATMs? To keep you from becoming a victim of tech crime at ATMs, you can take the following practical steps; A skimmer or data copy tool is passed in front of the hole where the ATM card inserts. This additional tool can trick users if not careful. So, before inserting the card, check first whether there are marks, glue, or suspicious things in the hole to insert the card. Because criminals could have attached skimmer tools. If possible, choose to use ATM that has been installed anti-skimmer usually green or clear on the whole ATM. This tool can prevent the installation of the skimmer.

To get a customer PIN number, surveillance cameras are used to peek and you may not be aware of its existence. To ensure the security of the PIN number, cover it with unused hands to press the buttons in case there is a camera, unable to take a picture when you enter your PIN number. Some ATMs have installed a cover on the left and right side of the button to enter the PIN, but for ATMs that have not implemented it, you can protect yourself in this way.

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