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Room Tricks Look More Extensive Only with Carpets

Room Tricks Look More Extensive Only with Carpets

There are many purposes of carpets in the maintenance room or children room. beginning from placing the roofing, heating the warmth when moved on, the place to relax when relaxing, to minimize splinters or damage if there are objects falling from the table. Now the carpet is of course not only seen in terms of usability but also aesthetics. Beautiful and quality carpets will certainly add to the beauty of the room. The use of carpet can not only be done in a spacious room, but you who have a small living room or living room also need not be discouraged. As long as you know special methods, you can improve your uncomfortable place so that it seems broader only with carpet. How? First, consider first what the theme of your room is. Do not let the presence of the carpet actually distract existing decorations. If your room is narrow, you should not apply a busy theme like the Bohemian style. But if some of the furniture is already colored, choose a calm and plain carpet so that the room is more neutral. The choice of colors and patterns of carpets that are in harmony with the theme of the room will make the room comfortable to see. Don’t forget to diligently clean your carpet with the

The first thing to look at is the comparison of the size of the carpet and room. Do not let the carpet actually make a narrow room look more crowded. Easy guide, carpet should not cover more than 50% of the area of ??the room. But don’t also be too small to appear separate as one element of the room. Carpets that are too small will make the room appear unbalanced. Game colors and carpet colors can help the room look more spacious. Soft colors like white, beige, and young colors can be chosen for a brighter impression. Also adjust the lighting in the room, if the lighting is already so bright, choose warm colored carpet. Mixing a few colors of the carpet is fine, but adjust the color of the carpet to the color of your favorite furniture. Don’t choose a motif that is large or too complicated. Conversely, striped patterned carpets can make the room look longer.

Before buying a carpet, you must know in advance where the carpet will be installed. Every room in the house requires different types of carpet. Whether the carpet is intended to be comfortably occupied or to beautify the space, it will depend on carpet material. The first thing to consider is the height, density, and thickness of the carpet. Thick and warm fur carpets are comfortably occupied but are not always suitable to be placed in all spaces. While good quality fabric carpets tend not too soft, but easy to clean. If you want to create an elegant impression, wool or cotton rugs are perfect. Choose ingredients that are more tight for carpets in high areas of activity. Choose carpets according to your needs!

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