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Posted by on Sep 24, 2018 in Technology | 0 comments

Recognize Some Problems That Often Appear in Online Games

Recognize Some Problems That Often Appear in Online Games

When you play a game, of course, you will find various things that can make you upset. There are several things that usually make a game player annoyed and do not want to play the game. At present, the game is indeed a very appropriate entertainment facility. One game that you can play is Rocket League Game for Android Download.

Some of the problems mentioned above, indeed sometimes irritate and make you not want to play the game again. Some of the problems that are often encountered in online games are

1. Lag
The most common problem encountered by pc gamers and online games, lagging in games can make gamers release their hidden power. Lags in games are usually due to inadequate computer or laptop specs and slow internet. Try to imagine what happens if you play with a pretty good opponent then your game becomes lagged. this is a nightmare for many gamers.

2. Glitches and bugs
Glitch is an error in the game which results in oddities in the game, such as anti-gravity, colorful fences, and character turns into weird. Imagine if you play a game that is creepy and only shows up and makes you feel scared.

3. Invisible wall
Have you ever played RPG games? Surely you experience where you swim into the ocean free to go to another country but never arrive and return to the land for only a short time or drag on the edge of the map and cannot be passed. The invisible wall is the boundary of the area where the game area is and like an invisible birdhouse. If you play GTA San Andreas and want to go out of the country by swimming, you are the victim of the invisible wall.

4. Hard puzzle game
Have you ever played Dino Crisis 1 in the ps1 era first? surely you meet a puzzle that is very complicated and almost impossible to solve. Most gamers at that time stopped playing this game.

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