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Posted by on Aug 23, 2017 in Entertainment | 0 comments

Protect your minds from pornography

Protect your minds from pornography

Having some fun and trying to escape the boredom in our lives is necessary. If we are not finding some refreshment for our mind, we can be too stressed out. There are so many kinds of entertainment out there that can help you to relax and maintain the good spirit to back at work soon. The things like music, movies, foods, vacation, and other types of entertainment can be good for you. However, there’s actually one type of amusement that might be quite harmful to your mind. It’s what people called pornography. It’s true that everybody needs sex, and it can be exciting for some people.

For the people who don’t have a couple yet, masturbating can be done in order to relieve their libido stress level. Unfortunately, when a person has dug into the pornography too far, and he or she views it too often, then there might be some damage that can be happened to his or her brain. As you might have heard, our brain stores the pleasant memories in its right side. It’s a long-term memory storage unit which requires the high amount of memory size to be used. Sadly, when this part of the brain stores the pornographic content, it will be hard for you to concentrate, and your ability to learn something new can be weakened.

Furthermore, the people who’ve been exposed to the prolonged and consistent pornographic content are tending to do the sexual violence. There are so many unforgivable child rapes that have happened due to the suspects have been exposed to many types of porn for a long time. Even though their preferences are actually the adult woman (even though sometimes pedophile), they’re targeting the little girl due to the easiness to capture them and force them to do whatever the suspect wishes. It’s important for you to protect your children from all kinds of porn, especially when they’re still very young.

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