Pros and Cons of VPS

By using Free Trial VPS From AlaVPS, your website will become a safer platform because of the guaranteed resources (CPU core, disk space, memory, etc.) that don’t force us to share with other users. Apart from that, you also have the same root-level access, as when you rent a dedicated server even though the price is more affordable.

The first advantage is that it is more reliable and faster than a shared hosting server, then guarantees server resources, such as processing power or memory so that the available resource fluctuations are not even there.

The next advantage of VPS is the superuser (root) access to the server. In addition, if there are problems with the website and traffic to other users, your site will not be disturbed because you can maintain good stability. So, your site is still running smoothly even though there are problems with other users because it will not have an effect. Another advantage is that there are services that are easy to scale. You can upgrade server resources (CPU, bandwidth, RAM, disk space, etc. With this advantage, it is hoped that it will be able to maximize the performance of the website for the better so that it can attract more visitors.

Besides the many advantages, it has, of course, VPS hosting also has disadvantages that we cannot avoid. The first drawback of VPS is that it is relatively expensive compared to shared hosting. This of course relates to the facilities and services provided. So, actually, the price issued is proportional to the quality. The second drawback is that erroneous server settings will pose a considerable risk to its security. So, as much as possible you have to keep this server so as not to cause problems that are difficult to solve properly. The third drawback is that it requires us to have a technical understanding so that the server can be managed properly. So, like it or not you have to learn how to properly and properly manage servers.