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Posted by on Sep 3, 2018 in Entertainment | 0 comments

Preparation Before Visiting Dufan

Preparation Before Visiting Dufan

Spending vacation time in Dufan it is one of the alternative choices of playgrounds in the capital. Located in Ancol, North Jakarta, Dufan provides various interesting and challenging rides that can make you excited. Starting with Lightning, Tornado, arung jeram dufan, and many more!

Since it was first opened in 1985, Dufan has become a place for family recreation from various regions in Indonesia. Most families, but there is also a group of young people with friends, gathering from the office or both with a boyfriend/girlfriend. Here are some preparations that you can do if you want to go to Dufan:

1. Don’t Use a Black Shirt!

Seriously, if you have prepared your favorite metal clothes for tomorrow to go to Dufan. Mending hanging back to the closet. Dufan is outdoor, you have to be very friendly with the sun’s heat. So it’s better if you bring an umbrella, seriously, it more helpful.

2. Better bring Lunch From Home

For those of you who might be living a mediocre life but were forced to Dufan, better bring mineral water and own food from home. There the price of mineral water is only four times more expensive than the usual price sold in stalls.

3. Depart as early as possible, because the queue is long

Dufan’s queue is very long, especially at weekends. So it’s a good idea to leave as early as possible so that you can queue up front and not spend your time queuing.

4. Check the ride

Before you craze screaming in the palace, surely you have made a list, whichever you want to start from the ride. Let me not die in style if it turns out there is a new renovation, it doesn’t hurt you to find the latest info first. Who knows again there is a new ride that is opened for public at certain hours. There are things like that, for example, the Treasure Temple of Fire and Kalila Adventure.

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