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Posted by on Dec 1, 2017 in General | 0 comments

The Most Powerful Boredom Killer!

The Most Powerful Boredom Killer!

Bored at home? want to get out there is no money? Because if traveling certainly we have to spend money, at least to buy food out or just buy funny knick-knacks. However, you should not worry, here are some things you might do when you feel bored at home!

1. Painting
It is not common information that art can make a person calm. Just by looking at it, humans seem to be able to control himself, and it will be better if we can do an artwork such as painting. The results of your paintings can be displayed on the wall of your home. In addition, to beautify the home decor, paintings are also able to soothe the soul like a wall art that you can find in christian wall art.

2. Create origami
The art of paper folding or better known as origami is, in addition, can drive bored, it also can hone your creativity and improve your motor, you know. Lots of shapes can be made using origami paper. It is starting from storks, flowers, planes, or even bookmarks.

3. Make ripped jeans
Style ripped jeans is a fashion that is loved by young people. You can make your own ripped jeans. Just prepare sandpaper and razor blades, then you can already be creative with your jeans. But, need to be extra careful in making it.

4. Reading books
Challenge yourself by reading a book that has the same cover as your favorite color. It is very appropriate to keep away the boredom because you will be busy looking for the book and then read it. Suppose you like blue, and then The Fault in Our Stars can be a good choice to read.

5. Play the puzzle
Arranging small pictures into one unified whole can directly sharpen your brain to concentrate. When bored, you can pick up a puzzle and unite them. You can also invite brother or sister to play together.

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