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Posted by on Jun 13, 2018 in General | 0 comments

Pain During Menstruation? These Healthy Juice Could Be the Antidote

Pain During Menstruation? These Healthy Juice Could Be the Antidote

Most women experience pain during menstruation or a few days before menstruation comes. Yes, from the sick to mild to severe, even to interfere with daily activities. Actually, there are many natural ways that can relieve pain during menstruation. However, not all healthy ways. Want to know how to healthy to relieve pain during menstruation? Try these juice recipes! Use the best juicer from 5 commercial cold press juicers for business to create quality healthy juices.

1. Refreshing carrot and pineapple juice
A fresh blend of pineapple and sweet carrots can make you more comfortable during your period. The main thing if you drink this juice is it can help relieve pain when coming months. Because the pineapple has a bromelain content that can help the muscles of the uterine wall become more relaxed. While carrots contain high vitamin A, which is good. How to Put both ingredients into a juicer or can also with a blender. When using a blender you can add only a little water. This juice does not need to use sugar anymore because the taste of carrots and pineapple is already sweet, but if it is lacking, you can add half a spoon of honey into it.

2. Apple juice, carrots, and oranges
After carrots, there are apples and oranges you can count on as a healthy meal or snack when menstruation comes. Apples and oranges contain high vitamin C, making you feel more comfortable when menstruating. According to experts, foods that contain high vitamin C can prevent inflammation, so it can reduce pain when menstruating.

3. Avocado juice and beetroot
The green fruit that has thick and legit meat can be a painkiller when menstruation is good because the ingredients can help the body maintain hormone balance. Avocados contain vitamin B6 which can help prevent menstrual pain associated with mood swings and body weakness. Coupled with fruits that are rich in iron. When menstruating, then your body will lose some minerals, including iron. Well, this fruit is good to replace the missing iron. It’s not hard, really, to make this avocado and beetroot juice.

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