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Posted by on Apr 6, 2019 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Muslims Feel These Positive Changes During Ramadhan

Muslims Feel These Positive Changes During Ramadhan

When Ramadhan arrives, Muslims all over the world feel so happy and thankful. It’s because, during this special month, Allah promises that their good deeds will be multiplied and their sins will be forgiven. Furthermore, when a Muslim brother can do the fasting properly, then he will get his body and soul cleansed, so he may become healthier and more pious in the future. However, there are also some other positive changes that Muslims feel during Ramadhan, and in this article, we will share them with you. Additionally, if that special month draws near, we suggest you send the best happy Ramadan Kareem wishes to everyone you know.

Here are the positive changes that Muslims feel during Ramadhan:

More motivation to do good deeds

Muslims have dedicated their lives to do good deeds for the sake of worshiping Allah because they feel that they need to do it. However, when it’s Ramadhan, Allah promises that their good deeds might get multiplied by 700 times or even more. This becomes a huge motivation for Muslims to do good deeds more frequently at better quality. As for the pious Muslims, they will become even more pious and better during this blessed month.

Less temptation to make more sins

Muslims believe that satans are being imprisoned during Ramadhan. Allah forbids them to seduce Muslims to make more sins during this holy month. This makes Muslims feel less temptation to do bad deeds that can harm their body and soul, especially for the sins that make them harm others. Thus, making the Muslims become friendlier towards others and themselves during this month of love and compassion.

Less conflict and more love

In Ramadhan, Muslims tend to give charity more often at better quality. It’s because Allah has encouraged them by multiplying their good deeds, so a lot of believers do everything they can in order to worship Allah by providing help and love to the people around them.

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