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Posted by on May 14, 2018 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

More signs of fraud brokers in the forex trading

More signs of fraud brokers in the forex trading

Implementation of restricted orders, such as should not close orders for less than a few minutes or so many seconds, because it will be considered invalid and order canceled. Then restricted also should not do news techniques, scalping there are even brokers that prohibit using Robot Trading. Well, these things actually aim to complicate the customer so hard if for-profit and eventually there was a loss because of space has been limited this movement and finally the trade becomes stiff and not good. In the meantime, you may want to know more about Miramarkets estafadores to get more info about brokers in the stock exchange business.

Furthermore, the characteristics of fraud in forex that is when charged commission fees and the use of the volume of the lot is not flexible, such as can only use the regular lot all and cannot use micro 0.01 lot, not to mention the commission. Well, this can also be fatal because we will be difficult in managing our risk management. The goal is not so that we are hard to find profits at the broker.

In addition, using trading software that is not standard, aka the broker’s own makeup, well this is even more dangerous because there is no comparison, so customers difficulty if you want to compare, usually this is found in local brokers who mock-up.

Moreover, when closing profit is slowed, whereas if the close loss is fast. This is a very clear sign of a fraudulent attempt in forex trading.

Moreover, if the trading server deliberately made dead or jammed when we will make an order, this could be because of 3 things, which is a real error at the broker’s server and accidentally, market conditions are more volatile or hectic once, or jammed it because it was intentional. Well, this can be proven from when we filed a claim with the brokerage company, whether replaced or not.

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