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Posted by on Oct 10, 2017 in Health | 0 comments

The mistakes in choosing condoms

The mistakes in choosing condoms

Having a wild sex with condoms will likely become longer, more exciting, and also safer at the same time. So despite having sex safely within your marriage life, wearing condoms during every sexual intercourse with your wife can actually be very helpful. Aside from preventing the unexpected pregnancy, you may also be able to please your wife by using the various types of unique condoms. However, even when you’re trying to improve your sexual relationship with your wife by using these rubbery tools, you bet that there are still some mistakes that you must avoid whenever you buy condoms.

Make sure it’s made of the right materials

It’s true that the thicker the rubber means the safer sexual intercourse with your wife. This ensures that no bodily fluid that will be transferred from one body to another each time you’re having sex with her. Unfortunately, if it’s too thick, you may feel a lot of reduction in your feeling of pleasure during your intercourse. So we recommend you to choose the one which is elastic but not too thick at the same time. Remember that a good sex isn’t just a safe one, but it’s also the one which provides excitement for both the man and the lady.

Going with the rough textured condoms with your inexperienced wife

If your beloved queen hasn’t used to the unique variants of condoms, you bet that starting with the rough textured ones right away may destroy her mood entirely. Furthermore, if she doesn’t expect it to be the textured one, you bet that it may inflict some damages to her miss V. So that’s why making sure that she’s going to get used to the normal condoms beforehand can be pretty helpful. Therefore, before you choose the condoms with various sizes, shapes, and texture, you bet that the normal ones may be able to please her without any unnecessary incidents that you both won’t like at all. Then, after she gets used to the normal ones, step up the game a little bit with her by using the smoothly textured condoms can be a good way to improve the sensation during your intercourse with her.

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