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Posted by on May 30, 2018 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Making an iced coffee by using Chemex

Making an iced coffee by using Chemex

In this recipe using Chemex 6 cup, if you have Chemex for 3 cups maybe we can use half of the amount of coffee, water, and ice cube needed. Meanwhile, you may want to visit to check out coffee machines online.

50gr coffee
466gr water
234gr ice cube
filter for Chemex
scale digital

The ratio used 1:14, if you want to use the other ratio, adjust the intuition may be, to note the amount of steeping water and the amount of ice cube used. Approximately 1/3 is the amount of ice cube of the total water steepness ratio that will be used, because later this ice cube will melt and dissolve with the coffee of the steeping.

BOIL THE WATER | Make sure the steeping water is enough to brew the coffee, and it is better to overheat the heated water in order to clean the Chemex filter, so it is recommended to use a digital scale to maintain the steeping graduation.

WASHING CHEMEX FILTERS | Chemex paper filters should be cleaned first, just like cleaning paper filters on other dripper brew methods. However, to clean the paper filter Chemex well cleaned with a long time of about 5-10 seconds, because the paper on the Chemex filter is thicker than other dripper filters.

ICE CUBE | Before reinstalling the paper filter in Chemex, insert the provided ice cube entirely, which then pair the filter on Chemex.

COFFEE POWDER | After replacing the rinsed paper filter, then insert the coffee powder on the medium coarse grinder, if it has its own calculation of the appropriate grinding method for Chemex, it is okay. Brewing coffee is not a matter of right or wrong, but it is exciting.

SLOW POURING COFFEE POWDER | Pour coffee using a comfortable kettle, because each kettle gives a different impression to pour boiling water. The good kettle is a kettle that easies to control the rate of water when poured so that it can pour the brewing water optimally. We recommend using a swan-necked kettle as many people wear and the kettle’s neck makes it possible to arrange the brewing water to slow down.

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