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Posted by on Mar 10, 2019 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

Know The Warehouse Function

Know The Warehouse Function

The current era of competition requires all companies including logistics companies to innovate with the aim of providing solutions for customers. Warehouses can have one or more even all functions/services that can be provided, depending on the services/services owned by the company. Logistics companies will usually provide added value from a self storage which initially is only a large place/space by providing management of warehousing management so that the warehouse has functions that support logistics activities. Warehouse as a Sort Center; Warehouses with characteristics like this are usually used by companies that send mail, parcels or pallet rental companies that do pallet distribution to various locations. The initial process of goods will be collected at the sorting center, then the sorting process will be carried out based on the zip code or based on zoning. After the sorting process is done, the items collected will be consolidated and delivered based on the distribution area. Some sorting centers have used automation to facilitate the sorting process.

Fulfillment Warehouse; This warehouse is designed to manage large volume shipments of goods. For example, warehouses managed by e-commerce companies. Warehouse Functioned for Reverse Logistics Process; This warehouse is used to store returns or defective items. The process carried out in this warehouse is like the process of checking return or defective items, repacking process, repair process, taking some parts of damaged goods to be used again or destruction of returned items or defective. In addition, there is also a reverse logistics warehouse that offers to store and manage packaging equipment or to manage pallets. In the food industry, for example, there are logistics service companies that offer cleaning and cleaning of food equipment before the goods can be reused.

Warehouse for Public Interest; in addition to commercialized warehouses, there are also warehouses managed by the state. For example, Bulog warehouse to store rice, army warehouses or warehouses to store disaster relief items. Items stored such as uniforms, office equipment, computers, and software are used. Warehouse management for public purposes can be managed by the state or managed by a third party company.

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