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Posted by on Feb 25, 2019 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

Know The Variety Of Coffee You Can Choose To Drink

Know The Variety Of Coffee You Can Choose To Drink

Choosing coffee that suits your taste is not a light matter. We must first know the types of coffee that are circulating in the market or its genres so that they don’t mistakenly drink coffee that doesn’t suit their taste. Each type of coffee has its own content of pleasure. Including the method of brewing will produce different flavors and certainly affect the pleasure of sipping a cup of coffee. You should choose a little more fresh roasted coffee to find out the types first.

Arabica coffee
This type of coffee usually comes from Brazil or Etopia. You could say this type controls more than 50% of the world coffee market. Arabica coffee also has several varieties that depend on the country, the climate and the land where the coffee is grown. Examples of many in the market are coffee Toraja, Colombia, Brasilia, Hawaii, Java, and Mandailing and many others, each of which has a different taste.

Robusta Coffee
Almost the same as Arabica coffee, if indeed you choose this coffee, soil conditions, climate and of course the process of packaging has differences in each country. The coffee bean size is large, has a high caffeine content and a less fragrant aroma. Robusta coffee can grow in places where Arabica coffee cannot be developed, but the best location is at an altitude of 400-800 meters above sea level.

Civet coffee
Before you choose this coffee, know that civet coffee comes from arabica or robusta coffee beans which are eaten by mongoose animals or known as civets. This weasel will swallow the coffee fruit that is already red and then processes it with an enzyme that is inside its stomach. The next stage is the seeds from the coffee fruit will be wasted along with the feces.

Liberica Coffee
If you choose this type of coffee, then you have chosen the type of coffee originating from Africa, precisely from Liberia, West Africa. This type of coffee plant can grow up to 9 meters in height.

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