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Posted by on Oct 11, 2018 in Business and Finance | 0 comments

Know the causes of buying and selling land are considered invalid

In buying a land, we need to know that the land to be purchased must be ensured that it is not in dispute, for example, still under the responsibility of a particular party or not being seized from the previous land guarantor. We also need to check the condition or condition of the land by checking it ourselves and whether it is in accordance with the land documents, in this case, the land certificate. We need to match the physical condition, for example, the size of the land area and whether the land is in accordance with what is stated in the certificate as written. It’s because currently there are many crimes or disputes that can occur in terms of buying and selling land with such a process. Meanwhile, if you want to buy lots of land in Lombok, just visit nama domain Anda
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In addition, it should be noted that in the purchase of land, strong evidence is needed to support the buying and selling process. The buying and selling process should not be just an ordinary purchase receipt. The position of buying and selling legally will be strong if it is equipped with complete evidence in the form of a letter of sale and purchase. This is usually made in the form of a deed or a land certificate is usually made.

The letter was made in front of a trusted notary so that it was more legally stronger and there were also supporting witnesses. It is also better to immediately process the process of making a home certificate from AJB by reversing the name of the landowner or AJB that can be done by requesting information and assistance from the notary making the land deed, while there are still land sellers and buyers. The notary can also be an intermediary for the clarity of the procedures for buying and selling procedures and the management of land ownership documents in the land office.

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